Be grateful for change on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving doesn’t just involve turkey as many people eat alternatives. (Cartoon by Nicole Bullard)

Nicole Bullard


During an average Thanksgiving dinner, most people would consider a turkey to be the main event during dinner, with all the other foods enhancing the taste of the bird.

There are many ways to prepare it, whether brined, baked, stuffed or fried, it is always the same type of outcome.

As traditions go, turkey is a prime example of old-fashioned holiday delicacies that go way back to colonial America. But this is not colonial America, we now live in a day and age that constantly changes, including the way we prepare food during the holidays.

This Thanksgiving, people all over America will be celebrating so why not celebrate in a unique way?

For those who are just plain old tired of turkey every year and need a break, one can never go wrong with chicken. Try roasting a chicken and spice things up a bit with a unique ingredient, like chutney or a spice you’ve never used before.

If there was ever a holiday entree that piqued the interest of people all around, it would be any entree wrapped in bacon. Take beef tenderloin and wrap it in bacon and a great substitute to tradition is created. Vegetarians and vegans, I apologize, this one is not for you.

However, for of those who will be cooking for vegans and vegetarians, there are several different options.

To take a turn off the traditional Thanksgiving path, why not make burgers? And to make it vegan friendly, you can make veggie patty burgers. It’s an American food and it’s animal free.

Also, there is “Tofurkey” a tofu substitute containing turkey. “Tufurkey” may technically still be turkey, but it might get some smiles from the vegetarians around the Thanksgiving table.

Cooking for a table crowded with people can be difficult, especially if the menu is elaborate and requires all day to prepare.

From family to friends, Thanksgiving experiences have always been a haphazard event but the one constant is the knowledge that every year people can acknowledge the holidays, stay in touch with family and express gratefulness for the great things in their lives.

And that’s what Thanksgiving is all about: family, friends and great food. Be grateful for what you have, but remember, it’s always okay to learn how to appreciate something new.

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