Battle of the Bookstores

Adrianna Mendoza

We all know of Saddleback’s campus bookstore, but does everyone know about College Books?
College books is that seemingly hidden bookstore across Saddleback’s campus off of Marguerite Parkway. The bookstore, unaffiliated to Saddleback’s on-campus bookstore, has been selling books to Saddleback students for the past eight years.
Students who frequent College Books might recognize the same face every time they begin their frantic searches for textbooks. Ardi, who has been working at the bookstore for eight years, tells of the store’s selection compared to that of the on-campus bookstore. “All of the books they get over there they can find here.”
Although the two bookstores carry about the same selection, Ardi points out a major reason as to why students should choose College Books over Saddleback’s bookstore. Ardi explains, “All the books here are ten to fifteen percent off.” Many students may find that to be something to take advantage of, even though it may mean only a couple of dollars spared.
By taking a stroll through both bookstores, students will find that there may be a greater amount of newer textbooks at Saddleback’s bookstore rather than at College Books. This is in large part due to the fact that College Books has many students selling books to their store.
With so many students selling their books to College Books, the amount of used books outweighs the new. According to Ann Floresca, the manager of Saddleback’s bookstore, students will find a more personalized experience on campus. “If you can’t find a book or need help determining what format works for you, partner with us – we’re here to help.”
Both bookstores have a great deal of students come through their doors every year, for their textbook searches however, one bookstore may have the one-up against the other.
Ardi explains that although he has many students coming to College Books, he realizes that there are other forces that he has competing against him.
Ardi goes on to say, “I get it … now the kids go online to get books.”
This is where Saddleback’s bookstore comes in with the advantage. The on-campus store offers online books, while College Books does not. Though many students are indeed turning to web books, the demand of the textbook will not go away and both College Books and Saddleback’s bookstore will be here to supply Saddleback students with the textbooks they need.

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