Avery Parkway widening continues

Avery and I-5 offramp (SHERRY LUCAS/Lariat Staff)

Sherry Lucas

Construction continues on the widening of Avery Parkway under Interstate 5 with completion targeted for the end of December.

Frank Borges, Senior Civil Engineer for the City of Laguna Niguel said the project will add one lane between ramps, resulting in a dedicated turn lane for both the North Bound and South Bound Ramps; currently the left turn lane is being shared by both.


“This is a unique project,” said Borges, “It is in Caltrans right of way, but is under our jurisdiction. Laguna Niguel is funding it along with Orange County Transportation Authority and measure M,” he said. Laguna Niguel has paid for the design and construction.

The construction site falls under The City of Mission Viejo’s jurisdiction as well.

 A second part of the expansion is to construct a sidewalk behind the bridge columns on the south side of Avery. This will eliminate pedestrian traffic on the North side of the street.         

Pedestrians will need to cross over at the South side of Marguerite Parkway and the South side of Camino Capistrano.       

The walkway will be shared by bicyclists, and lighting will be provided for safety Borges said.

One other substantial improvement Borges said will be the brand new signals that will be installed at both ramps.

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