Autism panel at Saddleback

Adrianna Mendoza

Allison Jobin, a University of California San Diego Ph.D graduate, held a seminar regarding autism for the students of Saddleback College on Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 1-2 p.m.
Before the informational seminar began, there were already a number of students in Student Services Center room 212. About twenty students stood up in the back due to lack of seats.
At the beginning of Jobin’s talk a clipboard was passed around intended to record the names of students attending the seminar. Apparently a few sociology classes were offering extra credit to students who attended the week-long string of events put on by the Ethnic Studies program titled, “Living in the Bubble.”
After signing in all at once, a majority of the group standing in the back of the room proceeded to leave though the seminar had just begun. Jobin continued on never faltering in her passionate explanation of autism studies done by the psychology department at her alma mater.
Whether or not the students who left prematurely were given the extra credit or not is unknown, although faculty members present did watch as each student left.

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