Associated Student Government gets down to business

Melissa Conser

The Saddleback College Associated Student Government Senate meeting held on September 10 was cut short last week as no Senators had been appointed.  Instead, an informal discussion regarding the ASG’s duties towards the school and talk of nominations for the future treasurer were the main topics of the meeting. 

ASG members serve in a variety of committees, which deal with different elements of life at Saddleback.  It is up to these committees to accurately represent all 24,000 Saddleback students, an activity which greatly helps the school’s chances of being re-accredited.

ASG is now accepting self-nominations for the position of Treasurer.  Nominations must be a written letter to ASG emphasizing the applicant’s qualifications, and why they would deserve to be Treasurer.  The letters must be turned in to the ASG office no later than Friday, Sept. 18.

Have any concerns, ideas, or questions for the ASG?  Their Senate meetings are held every Thursday at 1:30 p.m. and are open to students with “public comments.”

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