Assassin Creed review 3

Katarina Andaya

The “Assassins Creed” series was in need of some serious change. While the last three games in the series weren’t necessarily getting worse and worse, they were becoming a bit dull.
In “Assassins Creed 3,” Ubisoft takes the series from the age of the renaissance to Colonial America. While the fundamental gameplay really hasn’t changed or evolved from the last three games, “Assassins Creed 3” is worth the trip due it’s fantastic setting.
The main story of “Assassin’s Creed 3” follows another one of Desmond’s ancestors, a Native American during the colonial period named Connor. After his mother, along with his village is burned to ashes buy the Templars, Connor sets out to become part of the Assassin Brotherhood and kill the men responsible.
Without spoiling anything, Connor’s quest to bring justice to the Templars is filled with twists and is a joy to see through.
When it comes to the presentation side of things, “Assassins Creed 3” is truly a mixed bag.
The cities of early Colonial America are detailed, authentic and feel alive. Characters such as Connor look impressive with authentic wardrobes and voice acting.
While the past is filled with life and character, it is the present day that really suffers. The environments and characters of these present-day sequences are bland and boring
The gameplay of “Assassins Creed 3” doesn’t deviate too far from its predecessor’s but it still holds up well.
The gameplay is split between three characters: Kenway, Connor and Desmond.
Connor is by far the standout here. Kenway and Desmond’s sequences are weak in comparison to Connor’s.
While free running, Connor will occasionally get stuck behind a wall or a ledge. This is a minor annoyance during exploration but becomes very frustrating during chase sequences.
The combat system of the game breaks down to performing quick strikes while countering your enemies. The combat is never particularly challenging, but I did come across some odd glitches in which my button inputs did not register.
The tomahawk and hidden blade both serve as satisfying weapons, but Kenway’s sword feels floaty and lacks any sense of impact.
“Assassins Creed 3” also offers multiple naval battles to take part in.
While steering the ship can be a bit stiff, firing off cannons at enemy vessels is satisfyingly devastating. While each gameplay mechanic of “Assassins Creed 3” may have its faults, they are all fun to take part in.
When broken down, “Assassins Creed 3” really isn’t all that different from its predecessors.
The game begins dull and slow and the ending to Desmond’s story is a little too melodramatic.
If you’re not already an “Assassins Creed” fan then this game isn’t going to change any minds but, if the Revolutionary time period in America interests you at all, then you’re sure to find something to enjoy in “Assassins Creed 3.”
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