ASG sets limitation on travel funds

Lee Eisler

Saddleback College’s Associated Student Government has made several changes to the school’s finance code. Some key changes include how much funding clubs will receive for travel purposes.

The changes, which went into effect on January 11 of this year, state that ASG now defines ‘travel’ as anything outside a 60 mile radius of the college, as well as any trips that involve overnight stays.

These trips will now receive 75 percent of all travel costs, up from the previous semester’s 65 percent. ASG has also stated that any trip within the 60 mile limit will receive 100 percent of its travel costs. However, the funds remain conditional. There are several hoops through which clubs must jump through in order to remain eligible for funding.

Any applicant wishing to receive funding must possess an ASG stamp, which is sold in the ASG quarters in the Student Services Building. The applicant must be directly involved with the group, must be enrolled in at least five units at Saddleback, and they must have at least a 2.0 GPA. A Saddleback Code of Conduct must also be observed while on the trip. Funding for breakfast and lunch will not exceed $10 per person, per day.

Likewise, the ceiling for funding for dinners maxes out at $15 per person, per day. The funds themselves are doled out by the Inter-Club Council who can look to the ASG Senate for more money should they run out.

Upon returning from their trips, students who received funding must fill out a Travel Follow-Up Report Form asking details regarding their travel. This form will then be presented to the ASG Senate for review within two to three weeks.

Excluded from the new changes are Saddleback College classes who travel during the semester, as the new rules apply exclusively to clubs registered with the Inter-Club Council. Classes seeking to travel either as an educational experience or traveling to a competition will have to look elsewhere for money.

ASG has stated repeatedly that it believes fundraising should make up a percentage of funds for any group wishing to travel long distances.

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