ASG promotes “day without shoes”

Caleb Strano

On Thursday April 8 ASG will be urging students to participate in Toms “One Day Without Shoes” event.

ASG would like students to go a day without wearing shoes. On this day many campuses, communities and individuals will go barefoot to raise awareness for the cause that Toms are trying to do.

Toms is a company that sells shoes. The difference is that if you buy one of their shoes the company will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

Next week Toms will be trying to raise awareness for the people in other countries who do not have shoes. The goal for the day is for people to walk around barefoot so that they can see how it feels for those who are less fortunate.

The company realizes that it is hard for people without shoes to get around. They suffer from infections from cuts that they get and they also are susceptible to hot and cold temperatures. They realize that each day is a struggle for these people.

With the realization that people need shoes around the world many will try and experience what millions go through.

The shoes that the company sells have a wide arrange of colors and designs to fit many people’s desires. Not only do they sell shoes but they also sell shirts and other apparel.

For more information about the day and Toms shoes and apparel you can visit


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