ASG has more new ideas for awareness week and earth week

Steven Jung

The Associated Student government made some final preparations for their up coming events in April.

For sex health awareness week in April, the ASG got Matt Lardner as a guest speaker for the drag show, that will be taking place from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Lardner will be speaking after the drag show.

The talent show, that will be for the Non-profits awareness day, will be holding a preview during the day starting at 4 p.m. The actual talent show however, will be held at night.

The cabinet has also decided to do their own cloths line for the domestic abuse awareness day. They will not be having their cloths line out the same day as Laura’s House, since Laura’s House has their own cloths line for domestic abuse awareness.

According to Asal Bahrami, the Chair of Events Cabinet, the ASG cloths line project is to help spread awareness of domestic abuse. Each shirt made has a story of abuse but are made anonymously since domestic abuse is a sensitive subject.

There will also be literature on depression for the mental health awareness day.

The ASG Senate is planning for earth week and  they plan to buy empty pots and hand out seeds to students so they can grow their own plants.

Shireen Ebrahim said, “Maybe we can go with a tree planting idea for earth week.” Another idea Ebrahim had was buy some vegetables like carrots and bring a juicer so the senate can hand out fresh squeezed juice to students.

Maria Zakhar will find out how much money they will need for earth week, so they know how much to allocate.

Senior day is coming up  on Mar. 28, the week after we return from spring break. Senior day will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the senate will be introducing themselves and representing ASG.

The senate will introduce themselves, ask basic questions and pass out candy. They will give a presentation about what ASG is, have a fun quiz and conclude with a sign up sheet. The purpose of this presentation will be to find new recruits.

Bahrami also continued planning for the blood drive on Feb. 19.

“We have four types of variety of chips and around 12 or 1 we can switch the variety so students can have a different flavor,” Bahrami said.

Milad Ghods resigned from being ambassador to the Diversity Student Council.

“Next week we will talk about money for awareness week and then the week after we will allocate the funding,” Bahrami said.

Shayan Akhavan had an idea to sell food to help raise money for the organizations during awareness week.

Nina Alavi mentioned how multi-cultural week will be focusing on cultures all around Orange County.

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