Annual dance show offers an imbalance in technique and skill


Sarah Komisky

The annual Dance Collective at Saddleback is always exciting to see.

With dance students who work hard to finally have a chance to reveal their own choreography, it’s always interesting to see what they have up their sleeve.

This year, the night started off promisingly with “Caught In A Dream,” a mix of lyrical and African movements to a techno beat. This dance shined right from the start for its intense and modern approach as well as its innovative choreography.

Dancers would strike different individual poses in union which was a nice effect, as well as their use of a banner that allowed dancers to hide behind and appear in new costume.

“In Infinitum” was one of the most passionate performances of the night. Choreographed by Alex Gabrielli and joined onstage by Jenna Sessions, this piece unraveled a romantic love story that showcased a rollercoaster of emotions.

“Mama’s Boy” combined the use of photography and dance, which was different and sentimental because it was dedicated to the dancer’s mother. Popping to the music of Kanye West, this performance brought a nice change of pace with a happier mood. Unfortunately, as someone who’s seen dancer Mychal Gabb’s work, this wasn’t his best.

Unlike past performances that concentrated more on dance, many of the this year’s collective pieces offered more sexuality than dance. Although “Re-Run” brought tap into the picture, it took the main focus off the genre and centered on sensuality. “Not Again” also played this card performing suggestive movements that were disappointing.

“Endless Struggle” used the inspiring music of Beethoven. The piece was pretty, melancholy, and a beautiful piece of art.

“Unity” was a favorite because of its political message. In an artistic and moving inspiration, Martin Luther King’s speech was used to open and close the dance. Using The Beatles’ song “Let It Be” from “Across the Universe” hand in hand with the speech, the dance gave a relived 60s vibe with modern interpretation.

“Jungle Madness” definitely lived up to its name. With dancers like lioness’ unleashing their wild women to “Welcome To The Jungle” and other songs, this piece was entertaining and creative.

Dance Collective 2007 brought a hip hop piece that delivered entertainment with dancers who moved with rhythm and ease. Unfortunately the 2008 hip hop didn’t live up to par. The dancers of “Flowmatic” were fun but stiff in movement and gave a hard image that wasn’t believable.

“Reflection” and “Glow” offered more grace and elegance in the midst of plethora of sensual pieces that was nice to see. “Can’t Stop The Beat” and “Bringing It Back” created a sweet and wholesome, fun spirit. This piece played with a Disco theme but bordered talent show or musical material, rather than a dance performance.

This year’s show lacked some of the quintessential elements that the 2007 show had.

Loaded primarily with lyrical pieces, this performance was missing a diversity in dance genres that would have been nice to see as well as a lack of technique that was present in past shows.

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