Americans should be wary of government involvement in healthcare

Sean Lara

Do we really want the government to make decisions on our healthcare? What President Obama is proposing may sound like a good idea to some on paper, however this plan of reform is nothing but a move towards a more socialistic society. Now, I’m not saying that Obama’s intentions are to create a communist country, but this plan may generate many severe consequences.

According to Obama, he assumes that the money to fund this project “will be paid from savings in the system.” Savings? What savings? Last time I checked the U.S. has a national debt of over $11 Trillion! Does Obama have his own personal piggy bank full of billions of dollars that he plans on sharing with the public? I highly doubt it. In addition, he claims that he will be “discontinuing the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 per year.” In other words, the hard-working and wealthy class of America will be paying healthcare taxes for those who are lazy and don’t make as much money. That doesn’t seem very fair at all, and this is just one more step towards socialism, whether it’s intended or not. I’m sure many will oppose to this, so the only logical answer to raising money for nationwide health reform is to tax everyone.

Another major problem of Obama’s proposal is that the quality of healthcare will decrease, and the public’s decisions will be limited.  If this new healthcare reform goes into effect, the government will have complete control over the people’s healthcare, and their decisions will be extremely limited. For example, let’s say Grandpa Joe has been having extreme headaches and you may fear that he has a brain tumor, so you take him in to the hospital to get an MRI. Under socialized health-care, the waiting time to get a diagnosis could very easily take significantly longer than going through private health insurance, and by the time Grandpa Joe is finally able to receive an MRI one month later, he could very well be past the point of healing. That dream of taking him to the chocolate factory could possibly never happen.

Some might argue and ask the question “Well what about the people in America that can’t afford health insurance? It’s not fair for them!” Well, there are approximately 304 million people in the U.S., and only a small fraction of those people, around 45 million, don’t have health insurance. Of these people, 15 million are illegal immigrants, and another large chunk are young people who don’t have the desire to buy health insurance. So what Obama is proposing is that we completely change our current health-care system, one which has been working extremely well for decades, to accommodate 13% of the population, most of which include illegal immigrants and people who don’t want healthcare. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

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