Affordable groceries that fill your stomach without emptying your wallet

Will Mack

These days it seems whenever we go to the market to stock up on groceries it puts a major dent in our finances. There are however, ways the consumer can save. Certain places have great deals on great food, and make it easy to prepare a well-balanced meal.

Smart and Final is a great place to buy food in bulk. Unlike other stores that require memberships, Smart and Final gives you a pleasant assortment of anything food related and in mass proportion. Whether it’s a 4-pound bag of potato chips or a 20-gallon tub of peanut butter, you can pick it up at Smart and Final. A great place to get the ingredients for a feast at a low cost.

When you’re not shopping for an army or an appetite of a giant, a great place to buy dinner or lunch is Trader Joes. “Trader’s” as it’s most commonly referred to, has a fabulous selection of easy treats. Blacken their Garlic Chili Tilapia over a hot iron skillet and douse it with the provided slices of lemon or microwave their four cheese macaroni and eat it in awe. Trader Joes food selection is truly yummy.

Walking through their frozen food isle is captivating. Even their beverages are phenomenal, with a diverse selection of premium beers and unbelievable juices, such as orange peach mango, just to name one. Trader Joe’s also has a lot of organic products, for all you earth friendly people. Trader Joes is truly an American staple that everyone needs to experience.

Fresh & Easy sounds like an shady video, but it is another great place to find great deals on easy meals. Fresh & Easy has a great selection of already prepared meals that require little effort when cooking. Nuke their Mango Chicken over rice in your microwave or pop their chicken enchiladas into your oven.

This market is great for getting something easy and good. They have a wide selection of organic foods, as they pride themselves on being green. This store even has reserved parking upfront for hybrid vehicles. Fresh & Easy is a bit more expensive then Trader Joes, but the easily prepared food will keep you coming back for more.

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