Activities at Saddleback

(Saddleback Athletics)

Alexandria Larsen

If you want to add some excitement to your life, be more involved in school or are just bored looking for something to do, Saddleback has many activities that you can become involved in.

Saddleback offers a wide range of activities from sports events and dances to food trucks and educational discussions.       

For this Spring 2013 semester, the amount of activities that are going on, on campus, is more than enough to take anyone’s schedule from empty and boring to full and entertaining.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find any of these activities, and once you do find them, some activity calendars haven’t even been updated.  For example, the sports calendar on Saddleback’s website hasn’t been updated since December of 2012.

Some students thought that awareness had everything to with why student participation  in campus activities was low.

“I think if we made students more aware, more would participate,” Stephanie Mendoza, nursing said.

So how can finding school activities be easier? 

“There should be a tab on Mysite for activities. They could be categorized by groups of interest,” Kayla Manginelli, 24, nursing said.

It would be much easier for students to participate in activities if there was a consolidated spot for them, which was updated regularly.

However, If you’re interested in finding out about school functions and activities now, then there are many ways you can get this information.

All around the school there are flyers posted for upcoming events.

The social{live} webpage on the Saddleback website lists upcoming events, such as food trucks, movie nights and discussions.  

Social Live webpage:

For the athletics events, a master calendar follows below:

Saddleback Campus Life facebook page:

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