Action-packed thriller that actually delivers

These days it seems that movies tend to lack certain requirements to entertain. However, every now and then, a movie comes along with action, suspense and intrigue.

“A Righteous Kill,” with big shots Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, hit theatres Sept. 12 has all that and more. Far all movie fans, you can’t get better than DeNiro and Pacino, so putting them together must seem like a godsend. Sure, the movie has the typical New York cop-esque plot. You have two partners who have known each other forever, and will always have each other’s back no matter what. Throw in some controversy and murder, and you have yourself an action packed thriller. In theory, it seems very campy and we all think we know what the outcome is going to be before we even set foot in the theatre.

The movie does start out a little slow, and has what you would expect of a suspenseful drama when murders start occurring and they all seem to be connected to a main character. As the movie goes on, however, it gets much, much deeper. It seems to suck you into the character and you find yourself eager to know what happens. By the end of the movie, your jaw is on the floor helping the cleaning crew.

Both Pacino and DeNiro give outstanding performances, which would be expected of two movie legends, but also, you get a Wahlberg thrown in there, just because. The whole cast does a stellar job of making the roles their own and giving the audience a cinematic ride.

“A Righteous Kill,” even though a typical cop movie with some predictability, is worth the watch even if solely for the names that appear on the poster.

If you like cop movies, amazingly good acting and twists that will knock you off your feet, see “A Righteous Kill” and be satisfied that you spent $10 on a movie that won’t disappoint.

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