ACLAMO Backpack Drive comes to an end

( Katrina Andaya)

Katrina Andaya

ACLAMO’s Fourth Annual Backpack Drive came to an end this Labor Day weekend.

The campus club raised close to $300 in supplies just this weekend, and overall raised money through garage sales, churches, and donations.

They were able to collect a total of 162 backpacks.  Ten of these backpacks have gone to three specific families, and the other 152 will be divided up, and donated to two local Orange County schools: Kennedy Elementary in Santa Ana, and McKinney-Vento, an organization that deals with education for homeless children.  

“The best part is seeing the kids’ faces when you hand them the backpack,” ACLAMO member Ana Karen Rosal, 19, said.

The backpacks include pencils, pens, filler paper, calculators, rulers, and many other supplies.

The mission of ACLAMO is not only to give back to the community, but to help Chicanos/Latinos at Saddleback college in being culturally aware and to help in raising student transfer rate.

“Our main focus is to eventually transfer our students to pursue a higher education,” ACLAMO member Ariana Rosal, 21, said.

“We try to promote more diverse ethnic classes on campus,” ACLAMO member Tania Carillo, 19, said.

The club will distribute their backpacks to the two schools this Friday September 14, 2012.

For more information on ACLAMO you can visit their Facebook page at

( Katrina Andaya)

( Katrina Andaya)

ACLAMO students Ariana Rosal, Eduardo Vargas, and Karina Alvarado transport backpacks to their car. ( Katrina Andaya)

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