Academic Senate talks technology

John Wilson

Saddleback’s Academic Senate met yesterday for the second time this semester to discuss student wait-list improvements as well as the need for a district-wide technology plan.
The aim of the wait-list revision project is to make the system fairer to students.
According to the Waitlist Modification official project draft, the current system, “allows students with a lower priority registration to obtain an empty seat based on luck.”
If all goes according to plan, the new system will “automatically notify the top student on the wait list when an open seat appears in a closed class,” as described in the project plan document.
Discussion on this topic then led to a broader talk regarding district technology, headed by Academic Senator Dan Walsh.
Walsh emphasized the current lack of a uniform technology plan throughout the district, as well as a shortage in funding for a new technology initiative.
“We’ve got the cart without the horse,” Walsh said. Many senate members agreed to the notion that without proper funding, a project as big as this one will go nowhere.
For more information, visit the Academic Senate official website.

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