A taste of the holiday season

Ana Castellanos and Janelle Green

There are plenty of opportunities to relax and indulge in a unique drink this, holiday season. Whether its sipping a peppermint hot chocolate by the fire, making egg nog with friends and family or simply grabbing a cup of holiday blended coffee while holiday shopping, here is where saddleback and IVC students can get the dreamiest cups of holiday joy around.

Vie De France at the Mission Mall and Starbucks have a peppermint hot chocolate but when it comes down to which is the best, students insist that both places offer the perfect traditional drink.

Jasmine Christian, 20, business works at a local Starbucks and prefers the holiday drinks that are sold there.

“We have three main seasonal drinks,” said Christian. “Pepper mint white mocha, gingerbread latte, and egg nog latte.Ourpeppermintwhite mocha is the main one. We’re asked to sell at least 40 a day.”

Egg nog is another favorite treat this holiday season. The creamy, chilly combination of eggs, sugar, vanilla, ground nutmeg and milk can be found at just about every coffee shop this time of year.

For those who enjoy a drink that smells just as amazing as it tastes, Joy Barba, 22, 3-D media recommends spiced hot cider.”It smells like Christmas,” said Barba. “When I worked at Disneyland they served it at the Blue Ribbon Bakery every year for Christmas, so I got it there.”

Anyone who appreciates the seasonal taste but doesn’t care for fancy drinks, Gloria Jeans Coffees is spreading holiday cheer with simple yet festive flavored coffees. With names like Winter Wonderland, Holiday Cheer, Sleigh Ride, Egg Nog, and their specialty Holiday Blend that literally fills the room with its aroma, this shop at the Mission Mall is sure to be any coffee lovers dream.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf presents their holiday special Limited Edition Winter Dream Tea every year around the holidays. This blend of black tea has both sweet and spicy flavors. Another one of their popular holiday treats is the Holiday Blend, which has a rich dark chocolate flavor and a hint of spice.

“I drop by coffee bean every morning before work, because it’s so close,” said Jessica Cabrera, 22, business.”I love the new drinks they have. They also make excellent gifts for the holidays.”

Whatever your taste buds are wishing for, students agree that the special holiday drinks are sure to make this season merry.

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