A & R can help ease registration aches, pains

Students enroll for classes with the aid of the Saddleback College Admissions and Records (SHERRY LUCAS/Lariat Staff)

Sherry Lucas

It is time to start looking at the process of registration for spring semester 2010 classes and the Saddleback College website has the information.

If you’re confused after researching on your own, look to the Office of Admissions and Records for guidance and staff members will help you through the process.

 “The one thing students need to know is we’re here to help,” said Jane Rosenkrans, director of admissions.

Registration is evolving little by little and going more electronic and less paper. Rosekrans said Students are encouraged to come into the admissions office to get help if needed.

Initiative, by definition, is an introductory act or step or leading action. It is preferred that the students take the initiative and get the schedule of classes and know the dates to register with out waiting for something to come in the mail.

The two ways to register are online and by telephone. Telephone registration is for those enrolling in Emeritus classes and the phone number is (949) 582-7579.
These classes are available only before the semester begins. The Emeritus population Rosekrans said is about one-fourth of the students and we want to help them in any way we can.

Those students who are continuing classes can enroll online and may register during their assigned registration date. A student can find their appointment date and time on their MySite account, choose MyInformation> Appointments.

The dates to actually go online and register for spring semester begin Nov. 17, for continuing students. Registration dates were available to view as of Oct. 26.

Computers can be accessed if needed in the Office of Admissions and Records during normal business hours.

For those students who are new or returning, an application must be filled out. These have been available for acceptance since Oct. 1. Students will receive a permit to register by e-mail after having completed an online application and been approved. New students who have received a permit can register starting Dec. 3.

Megan Schwab, 20, Liberal Studies, has been proactive in the registration procedure by visiting a counselor and checking on her appointment date and time since she did not receive a catalog by mail.

 “This is my third year and I usually get mailed something every year, this is the first semester I didn’t,” Schwab said.
South Orange County residents and students who have received a class schedule in the past should have received a six-page brochure via mail as of Oct. 30, to remind them of registration dates and inform them of the website, and to view and print the schedule of classes and apply for admission.

There will no longer be class schedules mailed to homes. Some will be available at specific places such as some public libraries.
Community members can bring in the brochure received in the mail and exchange it for a printed schedule in the Saddleback College Library, and the bookstore will be selling copies of the printed schedule for $2 each.

A version of the schedule to print is also available online. Students can print what is needed.

Saddleback College is saving money and trees by posting the spring schedule of classes online. This practice is environmentally responsible as well as being cost-effective so patience in the new process is requested.
For information on applying and registering for classes, visit the admissions & Records web page at www.saddleback.edu/admissions/ or call (949) 582-4555.
Spring classes start on Jan. 11, 2010.

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