A one-man show to remember

Shane Weld

Want to see a show that the whole family can enjoy?  Comedian, Brad Zinn, will be at Saddleback’s McKinney Theatre on September 19, at 8 p.m., performing his show, “The Great Comedians—Those Felt Hat and Big Cigar Funny Men,” a one-man show.

The ninety minute comedy took Zinn 2 years to research before it was ready for its first audience, which he decided would be Saddleback because his success with a previous show in the area.

At the age of 5, Zinn began performing in children’s theater.  By 9, he was performing as a magician and doing impressions but once he hit puberty and his voice changed, he had to throw in the towel.  So, he pursued magic and became a successful magician.

In 1997, Brad met recently deceased impressionist, Fred Travalena, and was inspired to try out impressions again.

“When I was a magician I always had the nagging feeling that I could do something more,” said Zinn.

Zinn has had the opportunity to work with entertainers like, Dick Van Dyke, “the classiest gentleman I have ever worked with, ” said Zinn.

“When I was akid everyone could sit in the same room and listen to the same shows,” said Zinn, “We have lost a lot of that with profanity.”

With a society that seems to be increasingly graphic in content each passing year, Zinn wants to bring back that wholesome comedy that everyone can enjoy.

“Our statement is to preserve the memory of these great entertainers as well as pass these entertainers onto future generations,” said Zinn, “If America ever needed some good, clean laughs, it’s now.”

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