A musician’s workshop

By Alex Aponte

Award-winning musicians, Joey Sellers and Norman Weston performed Thursday, Jan. 31, for their students in the Fine Arts building before class.

Norman Weston, a contemporary pianist, showed off his skills opening with his Three Preludes followed by a piece sang along by members of a student choir.

Sellers, composer and trombonist, told an abstract story about love through soprano Amanda Strader and his instrument.  In almost all of Sellers performances of the evening, he used a new household item to change the sound of his trombone.A few of these objects were foil and the rubber end of a plunger.

Stephen Short, a student pianist, admired Sellers’ uniqueness, “My favorite part of the concert was the trombone. I’ve never seen a trombone played the way it was.  It really opened my mind to different types of music.” 

As highly admired professors at Saddleback College, Weston and Sellers try their best to keep their students intrigued and always learning. 

“It’s important that the students get to see that the staff actually play and that we actually know what we’re doing,” Weston said.

As the students watched, they eagerly took notes in hopes of a better understanding of music. Other students performed with Weston and Sellers, either singing with the music, or playing right along side them.

The workshop was a success and ended in nothing other than a standing ovation for the performers.

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