A million perspectives with Matt Adams

Matt Adams (Katrina Andaya)

Katrina Andaya

“There’s something I heard that if you could basically just dance through life, like any movement of your arms in some unique way or you’re just acting crazy throughout the day, you’d be the most you for the rest of your life,” said Matt Adams, 19, former Saddleback College student and artist.

Adams is a local artist who consumes himself in his passion for drawing, as well as sculpting and molding things together, to create something different and new.

What makes his style unique to himself is the way he portrays his creative thoughts that occupy his mind through his art, which consist of mostly monsters and “abstract psychedelic cartoons.”

“Anything really I’ll try and put my hand at, either if it’s more realistic or more cartoony or simplified or any kind of style,” Adams said. “They all have something you can learn from, so I try and take pieces from all of them and sometimes try and put them all together in one thing that has a lot of influences, so that it’s got a whole new look.”

His room and the woods are where Adams usually finds himself creating new pieces and spends a lot of his time on line work, the black outlines, in his drawings. Most of his inspiration comes from nature and his dreams.

He finds tranquility just by walking around and adventuring in nature, in new places he has never been before, where he can play around with his thoughts.

“You can get a lot of teaching from nature because all the different plants have the different lines …” Adams said. “Just by observing trees or plants you can get inspired. It looks perfect, but it’s got all these crazy different movements when you look up close.”

Adams also recently created his own brand called ARGUSMUNDUS, argus, taken from the ancient Greek meaning a “monster with a million eyes”, and mundus, Latin for “world.”

“The idea was a world with a million perspectives and a million lookout points and they’re all different, in different directions,” Adams said. 

Adams hopes to use ARGUSMUNDUS as a platform to get people to express their art, whether it be drawing, sculpting, music, comedy, etc. and experience their feelings about it, as he feels so passionately about his own creations.

“I want to create places for people to go and fully experience the art,” Adams said about creating some sort of art ‘play land.’ Just anything that people can go to and have fun and do their own art.”

Adams influences first came from artists in his family, the drawings in his favorite children’s books like, “The Giving Tree,” “Where the Sidewalk Ends,” and Shel Silverstein, as well as Spiderman comics.  As he grew older, his influences came from newer artists such as Alex Pardee who draws monsters, Skinner whose art consists of metal cover band art, and Alex Grey who does more spiritual-type pieces.

“When I do art, I feel like I’m connecting more to myself and just figuring out what is going on through my head, and kind of just all the different crazy aspects that the human mind and spirit can go through and express,” Adams said. “There’s just so much to it and I’ve felt so much through the stuff that I do that its hard to want to do anything else but have fun and express myself in any way.”






Matt Adams working on a drawing in his room. (Katrina Andaya )

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