A decent wage starts with education and money

Caleb Strano

These days in order to get a decent job that pays good one probably has to have a college education.  Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly harder for people to afford going to college.
Many people have the dream about going to college and getting a good education as well as enjoying the campus life.  Many of these dreams are shattered because of the harsh reality of increasing college costs.
Everyday on television there is a commercial which talks about the importance of getting a good education and how it will help in life.  They urge the viewer to get a higher education because it will be beneficial to them.  They are right about a college education being useful in life but they leave out the fact that many Americans cannot afford the increasing cost for a higher education.
In the economic crisis that we are in right now many people are having a tough time.  Many families are in turmoil and are being laid off from their jobs.  As college students not only do we have to deal with the economic crisis but also the increasing college costs.  
A lot of college students, in order to pay for the high college prices, are working as well as going to school.  This is also a problem for college students.  In order to pay for the high college prices students need to work longer hours.  When students have to work longer hours it usually effects their performance in school.  
California college tuition has increased dramatically recently.  Because of the budget crisis that California is in right now college tuition has increased by 32 percent.  That is outrageous.  I understand that the state needs money in order to rebound from this budget crisis but I think they need to look elsewhere to get their money.  If a college education is as important as they say it is then they should not be raising the costs.
I understand that in a budget crisis some of the state programs are going to suffer more than others, but education should not be one of them.  Education is too important to be tampered with.  I think the state should make budget cuts on other programs that are less important instead of increasing college tuition.
I do not have the answer for how California should deal with the budget crisis, but I feel that increasing college tuition is the wrong strategy.  The people that want to go to college and are currently going are the future.  We are going to be the ones that could eventually help with the economic crisis.  If the prices for going to college keep rising then less and less people will be able to go.  This could mean that there will be less people to help deal with the economy.
I think that getting a good education is of vital importance for people.  The more a person knows the more likely they are to be able to help.  I feel that the smarter we are as a country the better off we will be.  


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