22nd Annual Red Ribbon Fair

Ashley Reyes

The 22nd Annual Red Ribbon Fair and Non-Profit Career day acknowledges the importance of National Red Ribbon Week and provides the campus and community with job and internship opportunities.

The booths at the Red Ribbon Fair ranged from women’s recovery centers, to afterschool clubs to app developing companies.

“We provide care for Saddleback students, we are currently looking for teachers, volunteer work is available and we offer full-time benefits, even for part time workers,” Maribel Soto, Human Resources Recruiter for Child Development Incorporated said.

The Red Ribbon Fair offered help for Saddleback students who are in need whether it is childcare, rehab centers or new job opportunities.

“Think together gives afterschool child care to children in Santa Ana, Orange and Tustin, it gives the opportunity for students to develop their own lesson plan,” Joe Marroquin, Think Together staffing coordinator said.

Think Together is now taking volunteers who will be able to choose from a variety of opportunities serving the needs of students from grades 1-5, 6-8 and 9-12. They are looking for people who desire to be a positive role model for students.

There was also a large range of rehabilitation centers available to students. New Directions for Woman allows women with children to stay in their rehabilitation center.

“We take each person case by case, we do our best to make it affordable for them and can also refer them to other care centers if necessary,” Tony Blakemore, Human Resources Coordinator for New Directions for Women Treatment Center said.

Iconosys App developing company also joined the Red Ribbon Fair to offer internship opportunities for students interested in social media, graphic design and web development.

They brought along their Text Kills bus to promote not texting behind the wheel, as well as the opportunity to sign their giant bus in order to take a pledge against texting and driving.


Contact Information:


Child Development Incorporated (Maribel Soto) : msoto@cdicdc.org

Think Together (Joe Marroquin): jmarroquin@THINKtogether.org

Community Service Program: rrruiz@cspinc.org

New Directions for Women (Tony Blakemore): tblakemore@newdirectonsforwomen.org

Iconosys Apps (Ryan Foland) : ryan.foland@iconosys.com

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