2010-2013 Strategic Plan- Saddleback’s goals

Molly Daly

Towards the end of October the Consultation Council finalized four Strategic Directions: to Improve Student Preparedness, Foster Innovation, Excel in College Transfers, and to Enhance Resources. Created as a component to the 2010-2013 Strategic Plan, the committee is in the process of establishing a forceful approach to Saddleback College’s utilization of resources.

“These Strategic Directions will help the college better serve the students by focusing on specific areas of the mission of Saddleback College and California Community colleges,” said Rajen Vurdien, Vice President for Instruction.

The first launched direction guarantees that Saddleback College will act as necessary to make sure that each student obtains the essential skills needed to “complete college level work and achieve career goals,” said Gretchen Bender, Director of Planning, Research, and Grants. Student preparedness and success is a primary goal of the college’s administration, and every faculty and staff member is expected to perform as needed to implement this direction. A student’s completion of college level work is as vital to the college as it is to the individual.

To “Foster Innovation” stands as the second Strategic Direction since the application of innovative teaching and technology will lead to the improvement of instruction and student services. Defined as a change in thinking, or processes- the addition of innovational instruction will manifest educational achievements.

The third Strategic Direction, Excel in College Transfers, encourages a boost in student transfers to four-year institutions and universities. In addition to this, a goal of the college is to “enhance transfer services to achieve transfer rates,” and to “expand the number of transfer ‘ready’ students.” Between workshops and being helped upon walking in, the transfer center possesses many resources to allocate an easier transferring experience.

The fourth and final recently developed Strategic Direction is to Enhance Resources. This direction “will improve [Saddleback College’s] ability to expand and develop alternative sources of revenue to support college priorities,” Bender said. “These directions will guide our planning and resource allocation for the next three years.”

The four strategic directions derive from the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis conducted in August. Based on the results of this examination, the Consultation Council was able to generate four vital directions they felt were essential to improve Saddleback College. At the same time, these strategic directions were required to be consistent with the college’s mission, vision, and values.

“I am so honored to be a part of a college that practices shared governance in strategic planning. The process is dynamic and terrific,” said Lise Telson, Vice President of Student Services.

During this month, the Consultation Council is scheduled to produce and complete a description of goals that fall within each Strategic Direction.

“We are now moving on to the next strategic planning phase, development of Strategic Goals and Strategies,” Bender said. “I provided a SMART Goals training session for member of the four strategic planning groups (Educational Development, Operational Support and Resources, Student Affairs, and College Advancement)…to develop proposed goals in alignment with the Strategic Directions.”

By March 2010 the committee is intended to make the finalized version of the 2010-2013 Strategic Plan, and by July the college will initiate the implementation of these plans.

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