Womens basketball vs Cypress college

Kylie Corbett

Despite Saddleback College’s efforts, women’s basketball still lost to Cypress College, 94-65, Feb. 2.

Saddleback’s starting line up consisted of Ashley Hatcher, Sydney Gathright, Desiree Ale, Stephanie Frederick, and Audri Sargent (team captain).

The game started off in a positive direction for Saddleback, with Sargent winning the tip off, getting the ball to her teammates.

Within the first five minutes of the game, Saddleback was leading by five points, 11-6.

Rushing Cypress’s offense, Sargent sprinted down the court, making her layup shot against one defender, bringing in two points.

Saddleback’s offense began to fall apart as Cypress initiated full court pressure.

“Turnovers, missed easy shots, and missed opportunities, are our biggest weaknesses right now,” said Bethany Thom, Saddleback’s Assistant Coach.

At the end of the game, Saddleback had a total of 32 turnovers.

“We need to contain our turnovers,” said Fentriss Winn, Saddleback’s Head Coach.

Sydney Gathright, one of Saddleback’s freshmen guards, was the leading scorer with 20 points. Four of her shots were successfully made three pointers.

“I just try to put up a lot of shots [because] I really put a lot of work into my shooting [during] practice,” Gathright said.

By the end of first period, Saddleback began to fall behind, 44-33.

Although Winn “hoped to contain turnovers in the second half for a chance to win,” Cypress continued to lead the game until the final buzzer.

“I don’t like to lose, but we played hard. We were a little under-manned,” Winn said. “They’re good and we couldn’t allow them to have ten whole runs.”

Today, Saddleback has a home game against Orange Coast College at 7:30 p.m.

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