Students gear up for early snow

Snow falls early in Mammoth Mountain

Snow falls early in Mammoth Mountain (Sean Lynch/Creative Commons)

Places like Bear Mountain and Mammoth have already received enough snow to make an early open season for snowboarders and skiers to come enjoy the fresh powder. As people gear up, sports stores have prepared for a wonderful white winter. For some getting a chance to play in any snow has been exciting enough.

Saddleback college student Sarah Palmer, 33, was able to go to the mountains for Thanksgiving break in hope to play in the snow. While being up there, it snowed and her and her family were able to go sledding, have snowball fights and enjoy the new, fresh powder. After the activities they were able to snuggle up by the fire and drink hot chocolate in a cozy cabin.

“It was refreshing to be in snow after such a hot summer,” Palmer said. “I was very excited and surprised!”

Bear Mountain has already put out packages and rental deals for people who have never been snowboarding or skiing before, to packages for the pros. And if you give enough notice on buying packages you receive daily deals, group deals or even on some season passes.

Mammoth being notorious for California’s best place for snowboarding has opened their lifts as well, welcoming people from all ages. Having cabin rentals available along with snowboards, ski’s and other rentals, a person can make a weekend out of this seasonal sport.

Mammoth has already had so much snow that there are already 80 paths that are ready to explore, 14 lifts up and running and three parks that are ready to shred.

Jayven Fulinara, 19, is a student from Saddleback says that he excited about the early season especially because he hasn’t been snowboarding in a while die to an injury he received a while ago.

“I like snowboarding because it gives the same kind of rush as skateboarding, I like doing that too,” Fulinara said.

Going to Snow Valley since he was in the fourth grade Jayven is getting ready for more snow to come and is planning to gear up for a trip soon so he can hit slopes after his long break.

This being the earliest opening for resorts since 2012, and having a strong effect from El Nino, meteorologists have predicted California to have above-average snowfall this season.

“El niño is beginning to play a role in the weather patterns across California, and this is certainly a sign of what’s to come as we get into the heart of the winter,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Anderson.

As the snow continues to fall more snowboarders are getting ready to hit the slopes and get their season passes.

Photo used with CC BY 2.0.

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