Sister schools show down

Courtney Hunter

Saddleback College Women’s volleyball hosted Irvine Valley College last Friday.

IVC was up on Saddleback throughout the first game. At the first timeout for IVC, the Gaucho women were only one point behind.

Both players and fans were very cheerful and kept one another in the game mood with lively spirits.

IVC took the first game 19-25.

IVC set the bar when they got the first point of the game. The Gaucho’s fell further behind quickly and after a few minutes, the score was 1-6. At the second time out for IVC, they were up 2-11.

The home team was having a difficult time siding out.

It finally got a break when IVC served the ball short bringing the score to 6-21.

The final score for the second game was 7-25, with IVC needing only one more game to win the match.

Beginning the third match the Gauchos were not going to let IVC walk away easily.

The IVC came back with two scores in a row putting them in the lead by one point with a 9-10 score.

The Gauchos returned to tie the game once more at 10-10. Another point was made by Saddleback putting them in the lead.

However IVC immediately hit another spike and ties the game once more to 11-11.

Each team score another goal leaving the game tied at 12-12.

Saddleback takes the lead with another goal bringing the team to a close score of 13-12.

IVC scored two more times raising the score to 13-14. Saddleback needs to win this period to remain in the rest of the game.

However IVC scores again putting them ahead by two points with a 15-13 lead.

Saddleback hits one more bringing the score up to 15- 14. IVC came back and raised the score to 17-14 nearing the end of the third game.

The Gauchos played strong scoring another goal making the score 17-16 with IVC ahead by one point.

Irvine Valley’s women’s team was determined to win the game raising the score again to a two-point lead against Saddleback.

Saddleback scored hoping to catch up.

IVC brought in two more goals bringing them ahead to 21-17.

Things were started to look up for Irvine Valley.

Saddleback served another point against IVC resulting in a score of 18-21.

IVC came back again taking the lead up two more points bringing the score to 18-23.

The game ends in favor of Irvine Valley with a score of 18-25.

Saddleback was led by Allyson Horner with seven kills.

Morgan Kavanaugh added five kills, five blocks, and two service aces.

Lindsey Sappington had 13 kills for Irvine Valley with Hillary Crone adding 12 kills without an error.

Christie Allen was responsible for 38 assists.

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