Saddleback reclaims home turf


Stephanie Plese

Saddleback beat Chaffey College on Saturday 17-13.

The Gauchos started off the scoring early into the first quarter with a 27-yard field goal from kicker Michael Frisina.

Saddleback kept the lead until late into the second quarter when Chaffey returned with an unexpected touchdown. Not unexpected in the sense that the touch down was made with a 1-yard completion rather it was unexpected because Chaffey, who was undefeated until they played Saddleback, had very close wins against two teams Saddleback dominated last year.

Not to say that no credit be given to the Gauchos. The team returned from the half ready to play.

Donnell Dickerson completed a 4 -yard touch down quickly followed by another Gaucho touchdown made by John Akiba.

Gaucho defense represented time and time again Saturday night. They ended the game with 4 sacks gaining 21 yards. The defense succeeded in holding the Panthers minus-9 rushing yards on 26 carries. They limited Chaffey to 134 passing yards on 17-of-35 attempts.

Saddleback maintained the win despite Chaffey’s fumble recovery leading to a 32-yard touch down late into the fourth quarter. The Gauchos blocked the panther’s extra point bringing the final score to Chaffey 13 Saddleback 17.

“I liked the fact that we finished strong… that should present itself with celebration.” Head coach Mark McElroy said after the game.

“We stepped it up form last week” said Saddleback Saftey, Matt Reza.

Saddleback has an early game this Saturday against Victor Valley at Victorville at 1 p.m.

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