Saddleback Gauchos’ baseball loses 7-2 to rival Orange Coast College Pirates in OEC matchup

(David Gutman)

David Gutman

Saddleback College men’s baseball lost to Orange Coast College 7-2 last Thursday at the Saddleback College baseball diamond.

OCC stepped their game up quickly, scoring massive base hits, and putting men on the bases.

Eventually OCC scored three RBIs, overcoming the Gauchos on the scoreboard with a score of 3-1 in the second inning.

Throughout the game, Saddleback struggled with the Pirates and their superior defense and pitching, but the Gauchos managed to bring the score 3-2 when outfielder Ryan Forkel smashed a base hit to right field knocking in an RBI.

The next inning however, OCC had no trouble raising the stakes when they scored two more runs, making the score 5-2. The rest of the game, the Gauchos tried desperately to counter their opponent’s offense, calling numerous timeouts to conceptualize new strategies and switching pitchers from Dylan Christenson to Chasen White. White was replaced by Bobby Castelanno, who closed out the sixth inning.

The bottom of the eighth inning marked a possible comeback. With bases loaded and only one out, Mychal Kayberry stepped up to bat. After working the count full, he swung again but was struck out by a fastball.

With the weight of the game on the line, Macauly Anderson stepped up to bring his teammates home. He hit the ball, but to no avail as it was caught by OCC’s left fielder.

Further into the game the home plate umpire suddenly delayed the game due to heckling. Earlier the umpire issued warnings to the Saddleback coaches to control their dugout and was now demanding that the person who heckled him step forth.

After a moment, Assistant Coach Sommer McCartney stepped up to take the blame.

“I didn’t say anything but I’d rather you throw me out than one of my players,” McCartney said, walking away from the baseball field in anger after being ejected from the game.

The Gaucho’s record is now 12-12 overall and 5-7 in the Orange Empire Conference. With 12 more games to play until the season is over.

(David Gutman)

(David Gutman)

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