Pay me $45 million, I’ll shag balls. Heck I’d even clean bathrooms.

Is it far-fetched to say that Manny Ramirez is a disgrace to baseball. To me, being greedy is far worse than Alex Rodriguez taking steroids whenever he did. He was alleged to do from 2001-2003 with the Texas Rangers, but do we really know the truth? Anyway, Manny has disgraced the game of baseball with his antics of “Manny being Manny,” so what does this mean?

Manny is horrible in the field defensively. I was at an Angels-Red Sox game last summer and Ramirez flopped on the ball, couldn’t find the ball, and looked as lost as this sports editor in San Juan Capistrano on a Friday night. Ramirez even can take a break from playing and quit on the team and be celebrated as a hero in a new city. Los Angeles practically gave him the key to the city last year, and for what?

Yes, people can argue he hit almost .400 and led the Dodgers to the playoffs, but was it really worth all this? Manny was offered $45 million on Feb. 25 and a day later, rejected that deal. He rejected $45 million to play a kid’s game. As a fan of baseball, and a die-hard fan of the Chicago Cubs, you may think, John is just bitter that the Dodgers beat the Cubs last year in the playoffs. I can tell you that this is not the case.

I love baseball history and I respect the game. Manny Ramirez does not respect the game. Dodger fans should be furious about the greediness of this long-haired man. They should applaud the Dodgers organization for being classy yet again. If I were to offer someone $45 million and they rejected it, I’d simply say OK, next case; in laymen’s terms, goodbye. $45 million is a lot of money and in this economy it’s even more than a lot of money.

As college students in the greater Los Angeles, given the fact the other Los Angeles teams play in Orange County, we are technically the greater “LA” area. If Manny gets what he wants and gets a lot more money, it means parking goes up at Dodger Stadium, and my favorite cheap seats in the top deck may not be $6 anymore. Maybe even alcohol for people over 21 can go up to $20 a drink. OK, maybe that’s just ridiculous to imagine, but it already is $15. To think I can park and get a ticket for cheaper than a beer.

It sure seems silly to me that one man has this much power to dangle the organization and his fans and leave his teammates in the wind. Manny, get lost and maybe sell another barbecue on eBay, because as a baseball fan I am outraged by the greediness you present. Oh, wait, it’s just “Manny being Manny” so I should have just expected this.

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