Men’s water polo player taken to hospital

(Joseph Espiritu/Lariat Staff)

Zach Cavanagh

Saddleback College men’s water polo player Lindsay Mitchell was taken to Mission Hospital on Thursday (Sept. 17) afternoon. Mitchell, 20, was said to have been short of breath and had labored breathing. Paramedics carried Mitchell to an ambulance. Paramedics would not comment on his situation.

Mitchell’s condition was later said to be stable. A procedure was performed on Friday night. The nature of the procedure is not known. 

Mitchell was released on Saturday.

Mitchell was back at practice on Monday morning. Women’s water polo coach Jen Higginson said that Mitchell has practicing and feeling a lot better. Higginson could not comment fully on the situation.

Mitchell, a 6′ 1″ sophomore, is a field player for the Gaucho men’s water polo team. Mitchell graduated from Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2007 and was on the Saddleback swim team in the spring.

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