Men’s basketball starts season with a win

Basketball vs. Canyons (Stephanie Plese)

Stephanie Plese

Men’s basketball started off their 2010 season with a win against Canyons college Wednesday, 98-67.

The team was state champions last season and plans to have a repeat in their hard work, dedication and wins.

They have a tournament this weekend in Fullerton and hope to continue playing the way they did in their game against Canyons. “It was a good opening game,” the coach said. A game that started off particularly close, including multiple tied scores, ended with a scoring difference of over 20.

In the first half Saddleback scored six of their nine attempted 3-pointers. They also gained nine points from their free throws. The half ended with a score of 47-28 for Saddleback.

The Gauchos added 51 points to the scoreboard in the second half. They completed eight of 12 free throws and 5 of 9 attempted three pointers.

Marquis Green led the Gauchos in scoring with 15 points. Wendell Faines and Terrell Mack both contributed 13 points. Myron Green and Johnel Gray added 11 points each and Mason Jones put an extra 10 points on the scoreboard.

“We gotta go hard to get another ring,” said Vonache Richardson.

“We worked hard,” Vincent Rolland added.

The team has a tournament Thursday through Saturday in Fullerton.

Saddleback vs. Canyons (Stephanie Plese)

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