Lasers blind Gauchos for the last time

Lasers and Gauchos go head to head (Alyssa Hunter/ Lariat)

Evelyn Caicedo

The long awaited Orange Empire Conference rival match-up between Saddleback and Irvine Valley College women’s soccer teams had audiences tense and begging for a goal up until the last minutes of the game.

Final score of the game ended at 1-0 with a shot by IVC’s Ashley Romero, 18, communications in the last minute of the second half at IVC last Friday.

“Honestly I didn’t feel it. I just shot the ball, looked up and it went in. It was great,” Romero said. “Out of the whole season this is definitely our best game especially since this is our rival team. It had a big impact on all of us.”

The first half showed no signs of goals as both teams appeared to be on the defensive and there were few attempts at goal.

“I think we could have had a better energy level, passing and moving the ball around the field, taking more shot at goal and taking advantage of the opportunities that we given,” said Saddleback sophomore, Valerie Hozek, 19, sociology.

Saddleback got close to a goal with a free kick that went off the post, but it was IVC freshman keeper, Amanda Rashtian, that stopped all of Saddleback’s shots.

“I think we tried our best, but unfortunately we played down to their level,” Hozek said. “I know we are a better team and I think we could have done a lot better, but I can’t say that we didn’t work hard because we did. It is just kind of a disappointment.”

The second half showed no signs of goals either, it was only until the 89th minute where Romero shot from 30 yards to go over the keepers hands into goal.

“They are really a competitive team and was equally matched. They are one of the top teams so it was a big impact on us,” Romero said. “I have no words to say I am just so excited and happy for the way the season ended.”

Saddleback ended with a record of 5-14-2 and in the OEC at 5-10-1 in the season.

Irvine Valley had an overall season record of 3-14-3 and 2-12-2 in the conference.

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