IVC women’s soccer team loses to OCC Pirates

IVC’s women’s soccer team vs. OCC Pirates on Tuesday Sept. 27. (Cassie Rossel)

Cassie Rossel

The Irvine Valley College women’s soccer team faced a 6-0 loss against the Orange Coast College Pirates at the Orange Empire Conference last Tuesday, Sept. 26.

Despite the fact that the Lasers had just come out of their third consecutive loss, the women entered the match with full force and high hopes.

The Pirates’ strong offense made it difficult for the Lasers to even cross the opposite side of the field.

Throughout the match, IVC was distracted and overwhelmed by the Pirates’ attacking offense, which ultimately cost the Lasers the game.

IVC’s goalkeeper, Amanda Rashtian, rejected an abundant amount of shots in the first half of the game, but failed to save the first of six goals made by the Pirates. OCC defender, Caitlin Padian, scored the opening goal twenty-three minutes into the game.

The first half ended with OCC leading 1-0.

The second half showcased a Pirates five goal onslaught. It began with a full-blown attack sprung by OCC.

After only seven minutes into the second half, OCC midfielder, Emma Pridmore, scored the second goal, and went on to score two more goals less than ten minutes later.

Pridmore’s three consecutive goals displayed the Pirates’ use of teamwork and offense skills.

The penalty kick shot by Pirates forward, Kiley Leshin, brought the team to an affirmative 5-0 lead.

With less than 20 minutes left in the game, the ladies of IVC never gave up on scoring that first goal (and got very close too), but OCC’s defense was much stronger and did not allow it to happen.

With 12 minutes left, Pirates forward, Amanda Bennett, was hit with an injury that forced her to bow out for the remainder of the match.

It was in the 88th minute that OCC forward Natalie Seroka scored the final goal which led to the Pirates’ 6-0 victory.

The Lasers lost again with a final score of 0-9 three days later when they played the Cypress College Chargers.

After five consecutive loses in the Orange Empire Conference, IVC has one more chance to turn it around at their final game in the conference on Friday against Riverside City College.

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