IVC 25th anniversary planned


Jennifer Fink

It’s been 25 years since the opening of Irvine Valley College, and it’s time to celebrate. On Friday, June 4 at 6 p.m. Irvine Valley College will be throwing a celebration kick-off that should not be missed. The event will occur in the new PAC theater building.

“What was decided by Dr. Rockmoore, the president [of Irvine Valley College], wanted to bring the celebration back onto campus because in the past they had to celebrate at different places.” Ron Manuel-Ellison, Irvine valley college teacher, director, and producer, said.
The night will start off with a walk on the red carpet into the building’s spacious lobby. All around there will be waiters hired by the Hyatt Regency Catering offering food and champagne, and an opportunity to listen to the talented IVC Jazz Ensemble.
The fun will continue with both live and silent auctions, even a chance to bid on a weeklong vacation in Hawaii.
The highlight of the evening, though, is the Broadway musical revue to take place in the theater, directed and produced by Ron Manuel-Ellison. The show will include numbers from such popular musicals as Cats, Westside Story, and many more, all performed by IVC’s theater students.
“We wanted to showcase the talent at IVC.” Ellison said.
After the performance there will be dessert and after-dinner drinks provided by Starbuck’s Coffee and the Hyatt and get a chance to get a picture with the cast of the Broadway revue.
The night is guaranteed to be magical.
That night will be to show appreciation for the wonderful 25 years the school has been active. Irvine Valley College has been a thriving school since 1985 for South Orange County residents. But most students don’t know that originally the school was named as Saddleback College North Campus in 1979, only to be changed a year later to the current name of Irvine Valley College.
The celebration has a goal though. Raising money for the school and scholarships for students is a main factor.
“It’s a fundraiser for students. The whole focus is raising money,” Ellison said. “Not only raising money because of the auctions and the silent auctions but also donations.”
Tickets will run at $125 a seat. To purchase tickets to the celebration, go online to www.ivc.edu and go to the right-hand side of the page for more information.
“We’ve been doing this a long time, and it’s a tribute to faculty and staff,” Ellison said. “The highlight of the celebration is the 25 years of the stellar education. The star is Irvine valley. You, the students.”

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