Good night and good luck… from the sports editor

John Franz

When I first came to Saddleback College, I knew barely anything about the rich athletic history on campus. I didn’t really care, probably like the average student here.

I was wrong. This is now my third and final semester as sports editor for the Lariat. At no time in my three terms have I ever not thought twice of the respect and admiration that the athletic program has shown me. I am truly lucky: I would like to have a future in the sports writing business.

But I believe in writing things the right way, and truly showing the utmost respect to the people you may be writing about. Without them competing or giving a quote to me after the game, or sending stats to me because I couldn’t make it to a game, I would be nothing and maybe my love for sports and journalism would be gone.

I know that the media is sometimes dirty and writes things to sell papers. I believe what I write is truthful and fair. If the Gauchos lose a game, I respect they may not want to talk to me, but then my assistant Zach told me it is a part of the job. So in Fresno for the CCCAA Basketball Championships, I interviewed Coach Andy Ground, Kevin Menner, and Franklin Session even though I knew maybe they may not have wanted to talk to me. I felt bad because they played their hearts out in the game and left it all on the floor. I interviewed them and they still were very gracious and respectful, even though I knew they were disappointed.

But I have a fear of being shy; funny for someone who would like to be a sports writer. That’s what Saddleback has done for me though, as I near the end of my time here. Athletic Director Tony Lipold told me that “athletics changes lives, and we fix what needs to be fixed so the athletes can be ready when they transfer.”

I feel like maybe that is why I chose to go to Saddleback, because I was always the shy one. I had my inner group of friends, but I was still shy. Editing the sports page has opened up a side of me that I didn’t know existed. Sometimes – okay all the time – I may be afraid to pick up the phone and call people involved with sports. But now I am more open. I can thank Saddleback for that.

I believe you get what you put into things in life: you put more into it, and you get more out of it. So I tell you to enjoy your time here at Saddleback. Think positively and you will get something you never thought imaginable when you first enrolled here. I have seen a lot here this spring and it was fun. Between Fresno or covering softball and baseball games and making friends with some of the athletes, I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything in the world.

So celebrate your time at Saddleback. Don’t think “I can’t wait to get out of here,” just do what you need to do but enjoy it. You only live once. Take a look around and see what is around you. I dare you. Thank you to all of the coaches, players and especially Tony Lipold and Jerry Hannula for letting me cover the games and being respectful. It was a pleasure and an honor to cover ya’ll the past three semesters.

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