Gauchos shoot down Falcons for fifth win

Chris Cantwell

The Gauchos defeated the Falcons 56-21 on Oct. 1. It was another huge win, bringing Saddleback College’s record to 5-0. This week is the Gauchos bye week, but it plans on improving it’s record to 6-0 against Grossmount.

Despite a 43.8 points per game average, Saddleback’s defense needed to be solid in order for them to get a win against the Falcons.

Saddleback student Geoffrey Laksmana said, “Our defense needs to be able to stop the run or else it will be difficult for us to get a win.”

Saddleback scored three touchdowns. One of them came from a four yard rush from Donne Dickerson, and the other two were touchdown passes from Ben Gomez to Rodney Woodland and Kasey Closs.

Playing an aggressive game in the second quarter, Cerritos had a lot of huge hits on the Gaucho returners and wide receivers. With the Falcons applying more defensive pressure, they made a couple sacks on Gomez, and pulled in an interception.

At halftime the score was 28-14 after an eight yard touchdown lob pass by Cerritos quarterback Brandon Denker.

“Gomez and the defense played very well in the first half, but I know they will come out of the gate ready to go and will play much better,” Duenas said.

A rushing touchdown was scored within the first 32 seconds by Rodney Woodland at the beginning of the third quarter. Three minutes later Woodland would catch a 69-yard pass from Gomez for a touchdown, making the score 42-14.

Cerritos scored with 7:01 left in the third quarter. It was their most exciting play of the game. Denker threw a short pass to Garion Manning, which resulted in an 81-yard touchdown after a couple great moves by Manning.

At the end of the third quarter the score was 49-21, and some fans were yelling, “Cancel the fourth quarter, so we can go home.”

Everyone knew it was all over. Fans wanted to leave because it wasn’t even close or fun to watch anymore.

“It was a blowout, and I was hoping it would end as soon as possible,” Laksmana said.

The fourth quarter only provided one touchdown. It was a 14-yard run by Gomez. The final score was 56-21.

Gomez finished 24 for 30 attempts, with 330 yards, three touchdown passes, a rushing touchdown, and one interception. Rodney Woodland had 153 yards and two touchdowns off of eight receptions, and a rushing touchdown. Donne Dickerson finished with 97 yards off of 17 rushing attempts.

Bryant Chirinos led the Gauchos with six tackles, and Junior Alvarado and Kyle Smith both had five tackles. Saddleback’s defense held the Falcons to only 84 rushing yards, and a 47 percent completion percentage.

The Gauchos remain undefeated as nationals creep closer. Saddleback hasn’t won a national title since 1996.

“I’m very proud and pleased with how we played,” Duenas said. “Being ranked No. 4 in the nation and No. 2 in California is a great feeling, and nationals is looking like an excellent possibility.”

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