Gauchos get seventh win after second half onslaught

Chris Cantwell

Saddleback College earned its seventh win, beating the Pasadena Lancers 56-21 last Saturday after a brilliant second half. The gauchos set a school record after scoring thirty-five points in the third quarter.

The first half was very competitive and showed a little sign of worry for the Gauchos. The lancers scored the first touchdown of the game after returning a 18-yard interception thrown by Ben Gomez. Saddleback would fire back eleven seconds later with a 60-yard touchdown pass to Terrell Johnson.

In the first thirty-six seconds of the second quarter Saddleback would score a touchdown off of a 6-yard run by Rodney Woddland, but Pasadena would retaliate with a rushing touchdown of their own. The score was 14-14 with 10:49 left in the second. It was looking like it could be a close game, and some fans began to slightly start worrying.

Saddleback student, Veronica Hampson, 19, undecided said, “All of our games this year haven’t been close because we have dominated our opponents. I’m was very surprised to see such a close game in the first half.”

Before halftime, one more touchdown was scored by the Gauchos. A 25-yard touchdown pass from Gomez to Woodland would spark the crowd more than the team has all season. The crowd was very loud after this touchdown score.

During halftime, the fog that already existed on the field grew heavier, and it was very hard to see the field. The fog was so thick that the building across the field where the stats are kept and the announcers are, was barely seen. The fog also provided a very cold atmosphere for the fans.

The third quarter was where Saddleback performed like the Gauchos we were all used to seeing throughout the year. This was perhaps the best quarter that the Gauchos played all season long. Saddleback lit up the Lancers scoring five touchdowns in eleven minutes. Besides a 26-yard touchdown reception by Kasey Closs and a 32-yard punt return for a touchdown by James Poole, this quarter was a Gomez and Woodland highlight reel.

Gomez threw a 41 yard touchdown to Woodland, and Gomez also had a 6-yard touchdown run. They were amazing plays, but the play that surprised everyone was a 23-yard touchdown pass form Woodland to Gomez. The Gauchos threw the Lancers off guard by having the wide receiver throw a touchdown pass to the quarterback. It was one of those that brought people out of their seats. I don’t know what the coaches said to the Gauchos in the locker room during halftime, but whatever it was, it definitely worked.

“I have never seen them play like this all season,” Hampson said. “It was an action filled quarter and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The fourth quarter only displayed one touchdown by Pasadena making the final score 56-21. Saddleback’s rush defense played very well, holding the Lansers to only a 2.1 yards per carry average. Pasadena’s quarterback Zeek Julion had a 81 completion percentage, but failed to throw for a touchdown due to Saddleback’s pass defense.

Ben Gomez finished the game with 11-17 for 296 yards, 4 touchdown passes, 2 interceptions, and a rushing touchdown. Rodney Woodland had 3 receptions for 103 yards and 2 touchdowns, and a 23-yard touchdown pass. Kasey Closs finished with 3 receptions for 93 yards and a touchdown, and Terrell Johnson had 2 receptions for 64 yards and a touchdown. Anthony Cade had 60 yards off of 8 rushing attempts, and James Poole earned 56 yards off of 8 rushing attempts as well.

Christian Mejia earned 12 tackles, with 10 of them being solo tackles, and 1.5 sacks for 4 yards. Maua Vole finished with 10 tackles. Darian Yahyavi had 9 tackles, and Junior Alvarado had 8 tackles.

# 1 Saddleback plays # 2 Mt San Antonio at Mt. SAC on Saturday, at 1:00 p.m. It is the most hyped and anticipated game of the season for both teams. It should be a bloodbath, and a very exciting game. These could be the two teams that battle it out for a state championship in weeks to come.






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