Gauchos corral the Panthers

Sean Byrne

Last Friday the Gauchos seemed to have a tough adversary from the start in the Chaffey College Panthers. With Evan Manarino giving up a run in the first inning it looked to be a somewhat problematic game for the Gauchos. Nonetheless the Gauchos weathered the early storm and Manarino flaunted his skills by not giving up another run while out on the mound.

During the bottom of the fifth inning is when the real action started brewing. It all started off by a bunt from Cody Schmitz #11, this play caught the Panthers off guard and started what would be the game winning inning for the Gauchos. The next batter, Jeff Butler #3, was walked.

The walk came with a pitching change, bringing is Richard Placenta. His first move in the game was an overthrow to second base trying to catch Schmitz leaning, only advanced him to third base. By this the Gaucho fans in the stands took an immediate liking to this new opposing pitcher.

After the overthrow, Butler stole second to move the two players into scoring position. Next up was Bryan Romero #21, he hit a sacrifice fly brining in Schmitz to tie the game. When Coach Summer McCartney was asked if he had made any specific strategic changes in the fifth inning he said, “No, not necessarily” he goes on with “we just kind of found it that inning.” And found it they did, with four players hitting RBI’s and two being walked, they truly shinned in that inning.

Leaving the inning with a 4-1 lead the Panthers had to play catch up for the rest of the game, but with the solid pitching of both Evan Manarino and Anthony Shew that was not going to happen.

The rest of the game was smooth sailing for the Gauchos, allowing only two more hit and solidifying their win.

The Gauchos next game will be on Tuesday, February 19th at 2pm against San Diego Mesa College. 

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