Crushing defeat for the Gauchos

Sean Byrne

The rematch of the game on February 15th didn’t go as planned for the Gauchos. 

The game was abnormal from the start. With the rain causing a change of venue moving from Chaffey College to the home of the Gauchos, it looked as if this may be an advantage for Saddleback.

Just like the last game when these two teams played each other, Chaffey College took an early lead. Only this time they kept that lead the entire game. 

Even with the glimmering hope of a comeback from outfielder #27 Brandon Cody’s bottom of the second homerun, they really could never find their groove.

They managed to get two more runs in, but nothing ever consistent enough to ever really change the tide.

The defense of the Gauchos was the real problem in the game. Allowing the Chaffey Panthers to score at least one run in the majority of the innings played is just unacceptable.

Chaffey came out swinging and even left with hammering in two more runs to put the nail in the coffin for the Gauchos.

With Chaffey racking up 11 runs throughout the entire game and the Gauchos only scoring three, it seemed as if nothing was clicking offensively or defensively for the Gauchos.

The Gauchos look to bounce back against Cuestra College February 22nd at 2pm

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