Saddleback College taken over by gigantic spiders

Jessica Osiecki

On Halloween night, there had been news of a sighting of some of the most gigantic spiders ever to be seen at a community college.

These gigantic spiders had been seen around other community colleges in Orange County as well. Irvine Valley College and Orange Coast College students saw them and freaked out.

At exactly 9 p.m., students in a Paranormal Club were investigating for any possible ghost sightings, but in return found something much more terrifying said Timmy Turner, 19, biology.

The club found a gigantic black spider that could kill a person within seconds.

Out of nowhere, members of the club began disappearing one by one, and the other members went looking for their missing team members. According to Cornilia Strum, 22, environmental studies, they ended up finding spider webs almost half the size of an apartment complex.

As each of these students were disappearing, it turns out there was not just one gigantic spiders, there were a whole army of them.

“The students were vanishing as fast like lightning,” Strum said. “The others did not have time to save any of them.”

It was a wide spread panic, it was not just Orange County communities, but it was other community colleges all across southern California. Students were in such panic that about 50 or more students were injured by being trampled over.

Gigantic man eating spiders the size of watermelons have taken over community colleges as far as Pasadena City College.

In other words, the whole entire school eventually created a new civilization of spiders that replaced the students at the school. The spiders gather 10 or more students at a time and then ate them as a group.

“The spiders will eventually take over all the community colleges in Southern California and then take over all other community colleges in California,” said Peter Hanson, an arachnologist for Irvine Valley. “Not one student came out of our libraries alive.”

Students are advised not go to libraries late at night or else a spider might just come behind you and may not see the light of day again.


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