Music legends Count Dracula and Mike the Zombie collaborate on upcoming album

Cassie Rossel

Count Dracula of the new duo Count Dracula and Mike the Zombie. (by digitizedchaos CC BY 2.0 )

Count Dracula of the new duo Count Dracula and Mike the Zombie. (by digitizedchaos CC BY 2.0 )

The music of Count Dracula and Mike the Zombie, has been said to be life changing, and now the two are getting ready to release a collaborative album for the very first time.

Fans of both artists have been eagerly awaiting the collaboration ever since rumors started circulating a little over three years ago.

“It feels great to finally be giving our fans what they’ve been begging for,” Mike the Zombie said.

The album is titled after the duo’s first single, “I Wanna Eat You Tonight.”

When asked about the album title, Count Dracula said, “I just really think that this title suits our artistry, and most of all, the message that we want to get across to our fans.”

“I Wanna Eat You Tonight,” has held the No. 1 spot on charts throughout the world for five weeks straight.

Their next single, “Mmm Blood,” is set to release next Tuesday.

Count Dracula and Zombie Mike decided to make a collaboration album shortly after performing with Jay-Z and Kanye West at an awards show in February of this year.

“After performing with Jay-Z and Kanye, we got the chance to listen to their collaborative album that they had been working on, and we were just so amazed,” MIke the Zombie said. “As soon as I heard that, I knew that me and Count had to do the same thing, but even better, and I believe we did that with this album.”

Count Dracula was widely known for his blood addiction problems in the past, but he can now say that he has been sober for almost two years.

After a blood drunken Count Dracula took the stage at a show in Los Angeles, California, fans noticed that there was something very off with the Count. He was booed off stage when he forgot the lyrics to his hit song, “Your Neck Looks Yummy.”

He checked himself into rehab shortly after the embarrassing event.

“That was the night I totally hit rock bottom, and I will never be down there again,” the Count said. “This album really helped me get over my addiction because instead of actually drinking blood, I just wrote about it.”

Mike the Zombie and Count Dracula will embark on their world tour early next month. Tickets to every show in the United States sold out ten minutes after going on sale.

With high hopes for the release of “I Wanna Eat You Tonight”, both Count Dracula and Mike the Zombie could not be in a better place.

“We literally feel like we’re on top of the world, and I can’t wait to taste it…I mean experience it,” Mike the Zombie said.


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