OPINION: A new kind of cultural revolution

Tyler Cole

There is no more room in this country for racial inequality and it is time for Congress to enact a law outlawing same race marriages.

Students at Saddleback and Irvine Valley College need to understand this country will never progress into the future as long as race remains an issue.

Many would argue racial inequality will never end, but those people are wrong.

There is a simple fix to this whole race thing. The United States of America needs to adopt a law outlawing same race marriage in all 50 states.

Imagine if everyone in this country were forced to marry outside their race, we would have a population of like skinned people within a hundred years.

After a generation or two of mixed births the color of everyone’s skin would be some sort of neutral tan as the two opposite sides of the color spectrum met in this middle ground of racial equality.

In the great future of this racially equal country people will be judged by the greatness of their mind and soul, no more will people be labeled and judged by the color of their skin.

However, the sad reality of the world would say no law promoting true racial equality would ever be passed in this country as long as rich white businessmen lead it.

And if there are people out there that don’t think rich white businessmen are in charge, they need to take their head out of the dark hole at the bottom of their backs and wake up.

Remember, this is a country where some of our greatest presidents owned slaves.

A long time ago maybe, and many things have changed to help minorities since the Civil War, but racial inequality is embedded in our culture, and it is time for the youth, the future of this country, to stand up and demand change.

Students can lead this great revolution into the future. Why not, there is nothing in life that says they can’t.

The only reason nothing has changed in this country in the last forty years is because the individual has forgotten they have the power to change the world, nobody thinks that they can make a difference anymore.

There is absolutely no reason students couldn’t rally behind this great cause and get it onto a California ballot in 2008.

Think small: get same race marriage outlawed in California, then the rest of the country will follow your lead.

Just remember, everyone alive now will be dead in one hundred years, but their grandchildren will be here, living in whatever world we left for them.

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