Your priority registration might be at risk

Cathy Lee Taylor


In response to severe budget reductions, the Board established the Student Success Task Force to find ways to increase student success outcomes. The task force has issued a report with recommendations to enhance student success in completing their educational goals.
Dean of Matriculation and Early Assessment Sonia Ortiz-Mercado at the California Community College Chancellor’s Office indicated that these changes give greater priority to new students “in good academic standing,” and who have not “exceeded the 100 unit limit.”
These new requirements insure classes are available for students seeking job training, an AA degree or transfer.
Currently, priority registration is given to students with the most units and this will no longer be true. Ortiz-Mercado said, “New students who have completed orientation assessment and have student education plans in place,” will get greater registration priority. Students must also identify a program of study within three semesters or they lose priority.
Joyce Seminack in the Saddleback College Office of Admissions and Records said because “students must go through matriculation and advisement,” they have a much better chance of getting into the right classes the first time. According to Seminack students from all walks of life coming into college are often “helter skelter,” and need to “focus in the right direction.”
Other changes that take place in the Fall of 2014 include: 
Existing students, foster youth and veterans as well as those students enrolled in the Extended Opportunity and the Disabled Students Programs and Services that have completed orientation assessment and have student education plans in place will be prioritized higher.
Continuing students that are on “academic or progress probation,” or are close to 100 units are at risk for losing priority registration and should consult a counselor. 
The new law also includes a built-in appeal process for extenuating circumstances such as illness and/or unemployment.
For more details on the Fall 2014 changes and the results of the Student Task Force report, go to: 
If you want more information about your registration status go to: 
For more information on the Student Success Task Force, go to:

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