Young Democrats fight for awareness

(Don Congjuico)

Don Congjuico

This Saddleback chapter of the Young Democrats Club was founded last year by current President Kathryn Peña. She and her current active members of the Club aim to bring awareness to a simple task this country (and many others) have fought a war in the past. The right to vote. Especially with the election fast approaching, it is imperative that people exercise this right which is an agenda labeled “Old Business” in the club.

The Young Democrats Club of Saddleback College met Sunday, Sept. 9. The meeting came to order at 1:07 pm and started off with a guest speaker named Tim Jemal.

Tim Jemal is a first-time candidate vying for a spot as a member of the Board of Trustees in the SOCCCD (South Orange County Community District) which is composed of Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College and ATEP (Advanced Technology and Education Park. This link will provide more information on the SOCCCD.

“I am a non-partisan seat, I’m pro education and I will be focusing on the tech sector where there are plenty of unfilled jobs because there is a need for special skills in order to do these jobs,” said Jemal.

On his website he states, “I am running for this seat because I believe education builds lessons for a lifetime and will be a tireless advocate in supporting and sustaining a world-class educational system in South Orange County. Our community deserves nothing less.”

Club member Andrew Ursino expressed his views of the current educational system and said, “There are many people in public office that are against public education. So someone like him who actually wants to fund education…we need a lot of them”.

Club Secretary Adrian Hernandez shared his view of Tim and said, “Well one thing that kinda struck me was that he came out looking for us so he’s trying to reach out. I haven’t heard of anybody ever reaching out to us within the Board Members or Trustees.”  

For more information on Tim Jemal here is his website.

The second agenda on the floor was the issue of voter resignation on the campus. When asked about how voter registration was like on campus Kathryn Peña, Club President said, “On a bad day we can probably only register one voter on campus. It gets really hard sometimes and it gets harder when people don’t even want to vote.”

When asked about a scenario if the reason why voters didn’t want to vote was because none of the candidates was their choice she said, “Well that creates problems for all of us if even once voice isn’t heard. Think about it. If someone who doesn’t share the same values and beliefs as you got to that post you could have stopped that. This right has been fought for and is still absent today in many parts of the world. We shouldn’t take it for granted.”  

Adrian Hernandez also shared the same tone as the President and said, “What really bugs me is when they say they don’t want to vote. That just bugs the hell out of me man. “

Plans have been agreed upon by the club to extend awareness by hosting a “Debate Watching Party” on October 22, 2012. Kathryn hopes for a good turnout and a discussion held after the debate about the different views of people who are present at the party.

The Young Democrats Club is also actively participating in volunteer work at places like “Planned Parenthood” and the “Truman Dinner”.

Additional information to these events and other volunteer work put forth by the Young Democrats Club can be directed at this email address.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:46 pm with everyone in the club having the daunting task of changing people’s minds on voting but hope that the people become more aware and, for some, to begin their right to vote.

(Don Congjuico)

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