What do we get for the health fees

Shirley Smith

All students who enroll in classes held at Saddleback College are required to pay a $18 Health Fee per regular semester and $14 per summer session. Fee is paid at enrollment.

Physicians, Nurses, Psychologists and Mental Health Counselor services are available at Saddleback and as in all health care, your records are confidential.

The Health Fee entitles students to a variety of health services, including:

  • Basic Health Care
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Immunizations and TB testing
  • Physical Examinations
  • Low Cost Lab Testing
  • Birth Control
  • PAP Smears
  • Mental health Counseling
  • Low Cost Medical Referrals

 “That’s mostly for our Emergency Medical Technicians and other Medical Programs, and sometimes for DMV. We also do blood. There is a charge for these services and the cost varies.” Debby Vail, Registered Nurse and five-year staff member at the facility, said in regards to Physical Examinations

Researching students on campus, many have not gotten the flu shot. The cost is $20 students, $25 staff.

Karisna Fernandez, 19, undecided major, is not planning to get the flu shot. “Every time I get the shot, I get sick.”

 “If I get the flu shot, I get the flu. If I don’t get the flu shot, I don’t get the flu.” Mitchell Handler, 19, undeced major said.

“It used to be that we suggested the very young and the very old get the flu shot, but now we suggest it for everyone in close contact (students) and one reason people get the flu when they had gotten the shot, is usually another virus. Some students can’t afford the $20. Others get the shot through their parents’ insurance.” Nurse Debby stated

The flu shot is not a guarantee. “The influenza (flu) viruses selected for inclusion in the seasonal flu vaccines are updated each year based on which influenza virus strains are circulating, how they are spreading, and how well current vaccine strains protect against newly identified strains.” According cdc.gov

There are many different strains of the flu. While we might get sick from another flu virus, it probably won’t be as severe with the shot as without the vaccine, according to the CDC.

“We’ve already had many cases of flu here at Saddleback.” Nurse Debby said. “We ranout of the immunization serum and had to order more, but it is here now, and we suggest everyone get the flu shot.”

Orange County Public Health website, ochealthinfo.com gives a list of common flu symptoms: Fever, cough, headaches, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, chills and fatigue. Go to the Saddleback Health Center with these symptoms for evaluation.

The most asked question the Health Center gets is, “Do I need an appointment.” Nurse Debby stresses that we make an appointment (except emergencies) and walk-ins will be taken only on available openings.

Come in and make an appointment at SSC Room 177 or Call 949-5824606.

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