Veterans Resource Fair: educates students and veterans alike

Taylor Rogers

The Saddleback College Quad was a sea of military caps last Tuesday at the Veterans Resource Fair where information on opportunities for students and veterans who attend Saddleback was made available.

Organizations such as the American GI Forum, California Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veteran Student Union from UCI Irvine were present at the event as well as many other helpful resources.

Galen and Nancy Larsen were present promoting their services and book “The Unsuspecting Hero: Discover The Super-Hero Inside You” which helps men discover the meaning of life and the roadblocks that most men find during their lives.

“It’s hard for men to figure out who they are when they are young,” said Dr. Nancy Larsen. “Our book is targeted toward the male mind, it pinpoints their specific personalities.”

Why would the Saddleback Veterans Resource Fair promote such a book?

It’s mostly a resource for men who need to find themselves when the “world views of who men should be” come crashing down on them, said Larsen.

“The fantasy is realized by becoming a ‘winner!’  Winner in this context means a man who analyzes his current personality type and situation, removes certain obstacles and takes action steps to achieve all that he can be,” said James D. Carroll, MFTI, in review of the book.

One book, available at the fair, was written by a veteran and his wife and describes their experiences and life through and after the Vietnam War. 

The book is a love story in which Leonard Rugh and his wife Luanna Rugh go through the separation of war and having to deal with injury and heartache that went with it.

“It’s just a story about our life together and how the war affected that,” said Luanna. “We had a life together before the war and we just wanted to write down how our life was during and after the war as well.”

They hope to have the book will be read by all ages because that’s whom it was meant for.

“It’s for those families who have a soldier who went through wars, like in Iraq. Those families are facing a lot of the same things, and I would want it to be helpful to them,” said Luanna

Along with the selection of reading for those who have gone through war and even for those who haven’t, there was information on the college itself.

The Student Financial Assistance and Scholarship Office was also present at the event, giving information on funding for students as well as any veterans who want an education.
ASG members were also there helping out with the booths and the Veterans Office.

“I think this is great, we need to expand veterans programs,” ASG Chief Justice of the Judiciary, Mike Thongsuk, said. “These are all great programs that open a lot of opportunities for those veterans who have been through the war and those who wish to join the military.”

One of the great programs that he mention was the Readjustment Counseling Specialist services run by the Vet Center located in Garden Grove.

“We have a huge Vet community in Orange County, and our program helps those veterans adjust from military life to the life of civilians,” counseling specialist Tim Higle said. “It’s just good support for those coming to college right after the military.”

Their therapists are all veteran’s, so knowing the situations that these men go through is not a problem for them. They also have counseling for families of those who have family members in the military.

Bill Cook from The American Legion was also present at the event, handing out information about how people can join the organization and how it “supports younger veterans and participates in the state government to assist veterans and military members.”

Students also were a part of the fair, talking with the veterans that were present and getting information for them.

“My step-dad is a veteran and it’s great Saddleback is showing their support and appreciation for those men and women who fought hard for our country,” said Gabrielle Rosas, 19, business.

The Veterans Office at Saddleback is ongoing on its support for those who fight for what the United Sates stands for and continues to give opportunities and resources for those who are willing to further their education at Saddleback College.

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