UC/CSU transfer applications must be completed by Nov. 30

Many students transfer from Saddleback to CSUF (Courtesy of CSUF)

Shirley Smith
In order to gain admission for the fall 2014 semester to either University of California or a California State University, a transfer application must be completed by Nov. 30.
For the transfer student daunted by the application process, or for someone who needs some general counseling regarding his or her continuing education, the Saddleback College Transfer Center is there to give such assistance to help make the transfer process seamless.
Project specialists like David Schlesinger help students through the first process, which is connecting students with a counselor who will then check to see what is the student’s transferable GPA.
“It’s important to meet with one of the councilors,” Schlesinger said. “To make sure you are on the right track.”
Schlesinger urges students call at 8 a.m. on Fridays for an appointment with a counselor. Appointments  fill up quickly, he said, but walk-in, 15-minute appointments are available if one only needs to calculate his or her GPA.
Schlesinger said the next step is to make an appointment for one of the workshops, held in Student Services Center Rooms 139 and 140. These workshops include helping students with online applications for UC and CSU.
Several students come in and out applying for workshops, making appointments and asking general questions. The project specialists are helpful in supplying the necessary information needed for each individual.
Jason Dussan, a 23-year-old accounting major, hopes to transfer to Cal State, Fullerton in the fall but has picked two other colleges as alternatives in case it doesn’t come through.
“I’m looking to get a clear understanding of how the transfer center works,” Dussan said. 
For further information, visit the Transfer Center’s website at www.saddleback.edu/esars/transfer/eSARS.asp, call (949) 582-4328, or email sctco@saddleback.edu.

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