Treasures found at Saddleback auction

Lauren Echols

Saddleback College held a surplus auction at the college’s warehouse on Saturday, Oct. 30. Potential buyers had a chance to preview available items the day before.

The items in the auction included a range of books, equipment, maintenance equipment, bicycles, audio visual equipment, office furniture, chairs, as well as unclaimed items from the campus’s Lost and Found.

“I am a kind of person who loves the outdoors and I am very athletic,” said Sean Garcia, 20, anthropology. “I was surprised and happy to get a bike at the auction for only $100. Bikes are usually more expensive.”

Prices ranged from $10 to $100 – the most popular items being office furniture.

“The auction had a lot of good deals on some really great stuff,” said Christina Hintz, 23, education. “I bought a keyboard for $25. My last one cost me $50 and the one I bought today is a lot nicer.”

The books on the auction block were a popular item, most notably, the mystery and romance genre.

“I enjoy reading in my spare time and was shocked that I purchased several books here under the price of $30,” said Elizabeth Martin, 28, business. “The surplus auction was in my opinion a success and well put together.”

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