Transfer fair takes over quad

Adrianna Mendoza

An overwhelming number of universities and four-year institutions took over Saddleback’s transfer center quad on Thursday, Sept. 27. Representatives from universities such as Chapman, the University of San Francisco, University of California, Los Angeles, and University of California, San Diego were in the quad from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. answering questions asked by Saddleback students.

Booths were set up all around the quad, each university-specific. The majority of the schools in attendance were California schools, with the exception of Arizona State University and University of Colorado.

According to sophomore student, Vlaho Asic, who is 19 years old and currently undecided on his major, the transfer fair is one thing in particular that he looks forward to. “It’s a lot more productive than seeing a counselor here because these people actually work at the schools I’m interested in, and they can give me specific details as to what I need to transfer.”

Another student, an eighteen-year-old,  business major who wished to remain unnamed, expressed his views on the number of representatives at each booth, stating that there needed to be more reps. The student went on to say, “I only have a couple of minutes in between classes and UCLA only has two reps and a line of five people. It sucks.”

With more than 20 different schools attending Saddleback’s transfer fairs annually, most students find it crucial to use this time to talk to representatives of their school of choice. This is true especially if students cannot fly out to talk to representatives of schools that are far away, such as the University of San Francisco.

Although it is understood that not every student can make it to the transfer fairs when they are held, most representatives still believe it is important to make an effort to contact the school’s counselors, even by e-mail.

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